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The old family retainer

by Jeanette

Lance did a guest post on Locally Grown, talking about our “cradle-to-grave” services and the Lampe Law Group’s mission to be your family lawyer.

Growing up in North Dakota during the 50s and 60s, I was privileged to experience something that’s all too rare now – the old-fashioned family doctor. “Doc” delivered babies, set broken bones, treated pneumonia, and helped Grandpa with his newfangled hearing aid. Doc knew the community, the families, and the individuals whose basic medical needs he treated from birth through the end of life. Some of you who grew up in that time, and perhaps in smaller communities, may remember a Doc of your own.

Just as Doc diagnosed and treated all sorts of ailments, our firm strives to “treat” all of your legal needs, large and small. We value working with our clients and their families, addressing their needs through all stages of life.

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