DUI cautions for the holiday season and all year ’round

Most people know that DUI laws have gotten a lot tougher in recent years. A fourth DUI can result in felony charges that will land the guilty driver in prison. Further, drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol are required to take a chemical test, and can be charged with a crime if they fail to do so.

In Minnesota, the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration is .08 while driving or within two hours of driving. This means that some people who have consumed as few as two drinks may be over the legal limit and subject to a DUI charge. A person does not have to be drunk or even feel “tipsy” in order to be over the limit.

We wish you all a joyous New Year, and we hope everyone can celebrate this season with family and friends. But if your celebration involves driving, please monitor your alcohol consumption carefully. Consider volunteering to abstain from use of alcohol and be a designated driver for your friends. Don’t let your evening of celebration turn into an evening of tragedy.

If you or a friend or loved one has questions about our DUI laws, or needs experienced, effective representation, please  contact us.


Originally published December 28, 2009

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