Can’t keep up with monthly payments? There is a solution…

I frequently counsel with people who have a regular income, but simply cannot keep up with all of their monthly payments.  Fortunately, there is a provision in the bankruptcy law called Chapter 13, which allows people with regular monthly income to fashion their own affordable repayment plan.

Each month, the debtor makes one payment into the bankruptcy court in an amount that he or she can afford, and the court then distributes the payment fairly to each creditor.  Once the plan is approved by the court,  the plan will be put in place even if all the creditors don’t agree.

We have helped many clients put together workable, affordable  repayment plans that allow them to get out of debt,  and at the same time eliminate the stress of unwanted communications and legal actions brought by creditors and collection agencies.

We’d like to help you too.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment with me for a FREE initial consultation. During that first conference, I’ll discuss your situation with you in detail, and thoroughly explain your options. Don’t lose another night’s  sleep worrying about debt. Contact me now!