What to expect from a bankruptcy consultation

For many people, going to see a lawyer about bankruptcy is a bit like going to see a dentist about  a root canal. They put it off until the pain is almost unbearable. Almost half of my clients cancel their first appointments.

Because I understand this apprehension,  my primary goal at that first meeting is to provide a relaxed atmosphere, and to take all the time necessary to listen to your concerns, gain a thorough understanding of the financial problems you’re facing, and carefully explain the options available to get you relief from the pain of financial distress.

And there is no charge for that first conference, no matter how long it takes.

One of the deepest satisfactions of my work is seeing the relief on my client’s faces once they acquire the knowledge that speedy and effective relief from financial hardship is available.  After that first conference, many clients tell me they wish they had come in sooner.  Please contact us and make that first appointment.  You’ll be glad you did.

Last updated 7/28/2021