Practice Areas

As a general practice firm, we have witnessed both tragedy and triumph in the lives of our clients and in their cases throughout the years.   Our attorneys and staff are compassionate and helpful, and we can provide thoughtful and experienced service for each and every legal matter.

Our practice areas include:

  • Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13: In many cases, it’s possible to eliminate your credit card debt; keep the home you live in; and keep the car you drive.  We can also stop annoying and harassing phone calls from creditors.
  • Family Law: In addition to traditional divorce, we offer our clients the opportunity to avoid court with collaborative divorce or divorce mediation.  We can also help with paternity, child support, and adoptions.
  • Business Law: Our law firm helps businesses in numerous types of disputes, including breach of contract cases,  sexual harassment claims, and discrimination lawsuits.
  • Real Estate Law: Our real estate lawyers are experienced at handling both residential and commercial transactions and real estate cases of many types.
  • Wills, Estate Planning, Probate

Serving our clients is our top priority; we keep an open line of communication and clearly explain the process for each legal matter. We respond to all phone calls and e-mail inquires in a timely manner.  Whether we are working with a family to draft a will or preparing for an exhaustive litigation case, we and our staff work to ensure that every detail is covered.

We strive for excellence and take pride in thorough, careful work.  This determination and perseverance is why we are one of Minnesota’s oldest and most distinguished law firms.

Read more about our attorneys and their particular areas of emphasis here.